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Bơm nhiều tầng QX

Các ứng dụng:

Mainly used for accumulated water discharge of mines and construction sites, and also applicable to remote water delivery, irrigation, fountain and other equipment. The High-head electric submersible pump adopts the three-phase power supply, with small volume and ight weight. If the entire electric pump is required to be submerged in the water, when the pump is started, there is no need of water injection. Such pumps are not restricted by suction stroke, with no need of pump rooms and installation bases, able to be operated at any time, having simple and convenient operation. Adopt the multistage impeller to achieve pressurization, with mechanical seal on the impeller outlet position, own low bearing pressure, avoid the abrasion arisen from mud and sand, and have a long service life. Configure the starting protector. When the electric pumps voltage is too low, under the circumstance of overload or staling. this protector may automatically cut off the power, so as to play a role of protecting the electric pump.

Thông số kỹ thuật

1.Power Cable: Standard cord is 10m with Pressure Grommet for sealing

2. Nhiệt độ thanh khoản: 104°F (40°C) liên tục

3. Động cơ: Lớp cách nhiệt B, Không khí đầy, Cảm ứng lồng sóc,

Bảo vệ IP 68

4.Three Phase: Built in thermal Overload Protector

5.Optional Equipment: Cord Length

Thông số kỹ thuật phần

1.O-ring: Buna-N

2.Motor Housing: Cast Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30

3.Seal Plate: Cast Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30

4. Trục: AISI 420

5.Double-sided Mechanical seal, Buna-N Elastomer,

Phần cứng không gỉ 300 Series

Motor side: Carbon VS Ceramic

Phía bơm: Silicon carbide VS Silicon carbide

6.Impeller: Cast Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30

7.Pump Casing: Cast Iron ASTM A-48, Class 30

8.Paint: Air Dry Enamel

Thông số sản phẩm

Mô hình

Cái đầu

Sức chứa

Voltage Frequency

Nguồn ra

Disch Dia

Trọng lượng

QX10-64/2-4 64m 10 380V / 50Hz 4kW 2 " 75kg
QX10-96/3-7.5 96m 10 380V / 50Hz 7.5kW 2 " 100kg
QX10-128/4-11 128m 10 380V / 50Hz 11kW 2 " 140kg

Kích thước

Mô hình A B


QX10-64/2-4 690 φ150 155 270 275
QX10-96/3-7.5 800 φ150 155 270 275
QX10-128/4-11 1200 φ150 160 275 275