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Stainless Steel Pumps WQ-BS

Mga Application:

Vortex impeller submersible pumps made of stainless steel AISI 304,designed for dirty waters containing organic solids. The particular shape of the impeller allows the free passage of solid materials up to 50 mm diameter. Suitable to lift dirty waters and empty cesspits.


1. Power Cable: Standard cord is 10m

2. Liquid Temperature: 104°F(40℃) continuous

3. Motor: B insulation class, IP68 protection

4. Single Phase: Built in thermal protector

5. Accessories: Float switch is available

Part Specifications

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Motor Housing: AISI 304

3. Shaft: AISI 304  welding shaft

4. Double-sided Mechanical Seal: Buna-N elastomers
    Motor side: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
    Pump side: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide

5. Impeller: AISI 304  welding

6. Pump Casing: AISI 304

Parameter ng Produkto

modeloVoltage,FrequencyOutput PowerKapasitor



Ako / min050100150200250300350
m³ / h036912151821
WQ-0.75BS220V, 50Hz0.75kW25μf38mmH(m)119.88.5765
WQ-1.1BS220V, 50Hz1.1kW30μf38mmH(m)13.512119.5864.52

Mga Dimensyon

modeloIsang (mm)B (mm)



Packing Size (mm)NW
WQ-0.75BS220430G 1.5"F240 270 × × 47017kg
WQ-1.1BS220430G 1.5"F240 270 × × 47018kg