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Drainage Pumps QDX-HF

Mga Application:

Close impeller submersible pumps with cast-iron casing and stainless steel AlS 304 motor shell , designed for clear or slightly dirty water , the suction grid with filter allowing a solid passage up to 5 mm . They can be used even for the lifting of seepage , meteoritic and discharge waters . They are particularly suitable to empty drain well of cellars and garages , tanks , pools and fountains


1. Power Cable: Ang karaniwang kurdon ay 10m

2. Liquid Temperatura: 104°F(40℃) tuloy-tuloy

3. Motor: B insulation class, proteksyon ng IP68

4.Single Phase:Built in the thermal protector

5.Accessories:Float switch ay magagamit

Mga Detalye ng Bahagi

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Motor Housing:AISI 304

3. Shaft: AISI 420 welding shaft

4. Dalawang-panig na Mechanical Seal: Buna-N elastomer
    Gilid ng motor: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
    Gilid ng bomba: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide   

5. Impeller:PPO+20% Fibre Glass

6. Pump Casing: GG20

Parameter ng Produkto

modeloBoltahe, DalasOutput PowerKapasitorAko / min020406080100120140
m³ / h01.
QDX450HF220V, 50Hz0.37kW12.5μfH(m))232119.517.514.511.53

QDX750HF220V, 50Hz0.75kW20μfH(m))2826.525.524.2221915

QDX1100HF220V, 50Hz1.1kW30μfH(m))34323129.527.524.621.517.513.5

Mga Dimensyon

modeloIsang (mm)B (mm)C (mm)



Laki ng Packing (mm)NW
QDX450HF185260420G 1"F190 260 × × 44018kg
QDX750HF185260420G 1"F190 260 × × 44019kg
QDX1100HF185260435G 1"F190 260 × × 45020kg