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Pre-assembled grinding system capable of discharging waste water from multiple fixtures, including the toilet, bathtub, dishwasher, sink, shower, bar sink, laundry sink etc.,It can be installed above the floor, inside a pit.The powerful 1 HP motor for absolute reliability and efficiency that can handle up to 110 gallons per minute from several fixtures.The grinder system is ideal to handle sanitary products that may have been flushed


• Heavy duty simplex system with 1 HP motors for residential applications.

• Incorporates a grinder system ideal for uncontrolled environments as it is designed в handle sanitary products.

• Capable of discharging through a 1 1 / 2-дюймовый diameter pipe up to 60 feet vertical

• Smart pump technology allows the discharge to increase up to 110 галлоны для минут

• For installations above and below ground as required in various приложений.

• The new slicer cutter is constructed from hardened stainless steel, the grinder blade rotates against a stationary, perforated base plate, so that waste is quickly and easily dispersed через the base plate’s holes before being pumped into the 1 1/2-inch discharge линии.


Pump Type —— Насос для мясорубки, с лезвием для мясорубки SS

Электрические рейтинги ——120 V, 60 Hz, 10 A maximum.

Мотор ——One, 1 HP, oil-filled, thermally protected motor.

Maximum Operating Temperature —— 158 degrees F (70 degrees C).

Power Supply Cord —— SJTOW, 3 conductors, 16 AWG, 300 V.

Noise Level ——Less than or equal to 68 dBA (Lp), measured at 3 feet.

Discharge Pipe Diameter ——1-1 / 2 дюйма

Vertical Discharge —— 60 футов

Discharge at Maximum Flow ——110 галлонов в минуту.

Shut-Off Head —— 65 футов

Normal Running Time ——Depends on number of connected fixtures.

Number of Inlets —— 4

Method of Activation —— Pressure switch, circuit board.

Minimum Toilet, Shower/Bathtub Base Height —— 10 дюймов.

Top Vent Connection —— 1-1 / 2 дюйма

Tank and Cover —— Blue polypropylene, 1/8 inch thick.

Параметры продукта

МодельИсточник питанияОбщая площадь Размеры

Weight(No Pump)

CFWT150200~240 V,50/60 Hz39 галлонов23.5 "X 18.5" X 27.5 "26 фунтов
CFWT250200~240 V,50/60 Hz60 галлонов35.5 "X 18.5" X 27.5 "40 фунтов

Напряжение (V)Ток (A)

Мощность (кВт)


Расход (м3 / ч)

Руководитель (M)

FC2-230one pump work230132.860730.5
two pumps work 230235.5601034.5
WQ1100SQGone pump work2205.61.25507.213.6
two pumps work 220102.250815
FC1-115one pump work11591605.811.7
two pumps work 11515.61.8606.814.2
WQd10-7-0.75QGone pump work2303.40.7550105.7
two pumps work 2306.41.55012.77.5
FC05-115one pump work1204.80.576055.6
two pumps work 12091.16067