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Aliquam Steel Pumps WQ A-B / B, B WQ


Vortex impeller submersible pumps made of stainless steel AISI 304,designed for dirty waters containing organic solids. The particular shape of the impeller allows the free passage of solid materials up to 50 mm diameter. Suitable to lift dirty waters and empty cesspits.


1. Cable: Latin funis est 10M

2. Liquid Temperature: CIV F (XL ℃) continui

3. Motor: B velit class: IP68 praesidium

4. Single Phase: Built In scelerisque protector

5. Books: switch is available supernatet

pars Specifications

1. O-anulum, N Buna,

2. Motor Housing: AISI 304

3. Shaft: AISI 304 welding shaft

4. duplex postesque Mechanica sigilli Buna-N Elastomers
Motor parte VS Pii Carbide Ipsum
Laoreet parte Pii Carbide Pii Carbide VS.

5. Impeller: AISI 304 welding

6. Pump Casing: AISI 304

Product posuere tristique

modelVoltage, Frequencyoutput potentiaCapacitor

& c


I / min050100150200250300350400
m³ / h03691215182124
WQ-0.55B220V, 50Hz0.55kW16μf38mmC (m)9.5876.253.82
WQ-0.75B220V, 50Hz0.75kW25μf38mmC (m)10987653.52
WQ-1.1B220V, 50Hz1.1kW30μf38mmC (m)12.511.510.59875.542


modelA (mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)


officii sint

Sarcina Size (mm)Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo
WQ-0.55B17019537076II G 'F180 × 240x 39014kg
WQ-0.75B17019539576II G 'F180x 240x 42015kg
WQ-1.1B17019539676II G 'F180x 240x 42016kg
WQ-1.5B190201465100II G 'F200x 240x 48019kg
WQ-2.2B190225470100II G 'F200x 240x 48021kg