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Aliquam Steel Pumps B ipsae QX,


Open impeller submersible pumps made of stainless steel AISI 304,designed for clean or slightly dirty water,the suction grid with filter allowing a free solid passage up to 10mm .They are particularly suitable to empty drain well of cellars and garages,tanks,pools and fountains.


1. Cable: Latin funis est 10M

2. Liquid Temperature: CIV F (XL ℃) continui

3. Motor: B velit class: IP68 praesidium

4. Single Phase: Built In scelerisque protector

5. Books: switch is available supernatet

pars Specifications

1. O-anulum, N Buna,

2. Praesent Motor: AISI CCCIV

3. hastili: AISI CCCIV glutino putei abyssi

4. duplex postesque Mechanica sigilli Buna-N Elastomers
Motor parte VS Pii Carbide Ipsum
Laoreet parte Pii Carbide Pii Carbide VS.

5. Impeller: AISI CCCIV glutino

6. pump hortari: AISI CCCIV

Product posuere tristique

modelVoltage, Frequencyoutput potentiaCapacitorI / min0100200300400500600700800
m³ / h061218243036424854
QDX-1.1B220V, 50Hz1.1kW30μfC (m)13.512.511974.5

QDX-1.5B220V, 50Hz1.5kW30μfC (m)13.91311.59.674.5

QX-2.2B380V, 50Hz2.2kW/C (m)17.5171614.513.611.7974.21.8


modelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
E officii sintSarcina Size (mm)Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo
QDX5-10-0.37B17019536068II G 'F170 × × 240 39012kg
QDX10-10-0.55B17019536068II G 'F170 × × 240 39013kg
QDX15-10-0.75B17019538568II G 'F170 × × 240 42014kg
QDX6-16-0.75B17019538568II G 'F170 × × 240 42014kg
QDX-1.1B17021038568II G 'F170 × × 240 42016kg
QDX-1.5B17021040568II G 'F170 × × 240 42018kg
QX-2.2B17021543580II G 'F210 × × 250 46020kg