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Sand Pumps HS15-12-1.1


It is a wear resistant submersible pump and ideal for pumping water and dirty water mixed with soil , solids . etc The pumps are used to pump surface water from building sites , wells , subways or tunnels , for lowering ground water for irrigation , supply of industrial water , etc The water jacket cooled motor with the top discharge protects the motor against overheating even during sip operation The low weight and compact design ensure convenient transport , handling , and installation


1. Kabel Daya: Tata standar duwure 10m

2. Suhu cair: 104 ° F (40 ℃) terus

3. Motor: Kelas penebat B, pangayoman IP68

4. PhaseSingle: Dibangun ing protektor termal

5.Accessories: Ngatur aliran kasedhiya

Spesifikasi Part

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Pump Houseing:Tensile stell

3. Motor Housing:Aluminium alloy

4.Shaft:AISI 304

5. Segel Mekanikal kaping pindho: elastomer Buna-N
Sisih motor: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
Sisih pompa: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide
6. Impeller: PTMG

7. Pump Casing: PTMG

Parameter Produk

modelTegangan, Frekuensioutput PowerKapasitorPenanganan PadhetAku / min0100150200250300350400
m³ / h069121518212427
HS15-12-1.1220V , 50Hz1.1kW30μf6mmH (m)1615.514.813.812.81196.54


model(Mm)B (mm)



Ukuran packing (mm)NW
HS15-12-1.1210390G 1.5 "F225 × 260 × 40020kg