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Pumps FQG


Cast iron casing submersible pumps with impeller provided with grinding device. Designed for waste water with solid organic materials . The particular hydraulic shape , allowing the grinding of destroyable solid corps into very small parts ,enables to pump waste waters even in those places where a sewer system is not available . Suitable to lift dirty water and empty cesspits.


1. Kabel Daya: Tata standar duwure 10m

2. Suhu cair: 104 ° F (40 ℃) terus

3. Motor: Kelas penebat B, pangayoman IP68

4. Fase Tunggal: Dibangun ing protektor termal

5. Aksesoris: switch float kasedhiya

Spesifikasi Part

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Perumahan bermotor: GG20

3. Aci: AISI 420

4. Segel Mekanikal kaping pindho: elastomer Buna-N
Sisih motor: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
Sisih pompa: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide

5. Impeller: ZG35

6. Pump Casing: GG20

7.Shredding ring:ZG35

8.Grinding ring:ZG35

Parameter Produk

modelTegangan, Frekuensioutput PowerKapasitorAku / min050100150200250300350
m³ / h036912151821
FQG1.5M220V , 50Hz1.5kW35μfH (m)212017.515.5141074
FQG20-2HP380V , 50Hz1.5kW/H (m)212017.515.5141074
FQG22-3HP380V , 50Hz2.2kW/H (m)24221917151296.5


model(Mm)B (mm)C(mm )



Ukuran packing (mm)NW
FQG1.5M220290540G 2 "F580 × 270 × 25034kg
FQG20-2HP220290520G 2 "F580 × 270 × 25034kg
FQG22-3HP220290520G 2 "F580 × 270 × 25035kg