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Pumps ASC


Submersible pumps with vortex impeller , hydraulic parts of cast iron and stainless steel AlSI 304 motor shell , designed for waste water with solid organic materials . The particular shape of the impeller allows a solid passage up to 50mm,depending on the model . They are suitable to lift dirty water including draining flooding in confined areas such as basements and garages , pumping domestic waste from homes , commercial premises or farms and removing waste water from process plants , factories , building sites or mines, etc.


1. Kabel Daya: Kabel standar 10m

2.Suhu suhu: 104 ° F (40 ℃) terus

3.Motor: Kelas penebat B, pangayoman IP68

4. PhaseSingle: Dibangun ing protektor termal

5.Accessories: Ngatur aliran kasedhiya

Spesifikasi Part

1.-Dering: Buna-N

2.Motor Housing: AISI 304

3.Shaft: AISI 420

4. segel Mekanikal sisi-sisi: elastomer Buna-N
Sisih motor: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
Sisih pompa: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide

5.Impeller: GG20

6.Pumping Casing: GG20

Parameter Produk

modelTegangan, Frekuensioutput PowerKapasitor



Aku / min0200400600800100012001400
m³ / h012243648607284
ASC-200M220V , 50Hz1.5kW35μf50mm

H (m)

ASC-200T380V , 50Hz1.5kW/50mmH (m)1612.59.55.52
ASC-300T380V , 50Hz2.2kW/50mmH (m)2016.81410.87.53.5
ASC-500T380V , 50Hz3.7kW/50mmH (m)2017.515.513.511.59.574.5


modelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D ( mm )E ( mm )
F ( mm )

G Discharge


Ukuran packing (mm)NW
ASC-200M2803005609015010265320 × 390 × 58044kg
ASC-200T2803005309015010265320 × 390 × 55044kg
ASC-300T2803005509015010265320 × 390 × 55046kg
ASC-500T305250615105180080260 × 430 × 62061Kg