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WQ Seri ki pa obstrue ponp dlo egou submersible


Mainly used for sewage sludge discharge of industrieslike municipal sewage treatment projects , industrialmining enterprises , hospitals , hotels , restaurants , andbuilding industry , also applicable to farm irrigation.

WQ Series non-clogging submersible <a class='inkey' href='https://www.fengqiupumps.com/Non-clog-submersible-sewage-pumps118' target='_blank'>sewage pumps</a>


Product karakteristik

● The flow passage component adopts the unique design method , with wide high-efficiency area , and full-lift ( no overload ) performance .The pump is able to be effectively and safely operated in a larger flow range.

● Strong carrying capacity and large-channel clog-proof design of impellers can make the pump effectively deliver the liquid containing solid particles , impurities and microfiber with the diameter of 6-125 mm.

● The motor uses the sleeve-type external circulation cooling system , which means that the product may be reliably operated when it is above the liquid level or the dry-type installation is adopted

● The product is equipped with alarm protection systems for water leakage , electric leakage , oil leakage , overload , voltage shortage and phase loss , as well as liquid level control systems , able to carry out the centralizedcontrol and effective protection for various operating states.

● The automatic installation system is reasonable in design , with high intensity flexible and convenient installation , and no need of states constructing pump rooms so as to save the project cost.

● Adopt the imported high-quality bearing and grease with high temperature resistance , so that the quick-wear parts service life is more than 10,000 hours.

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● Power : 0 . 55~315KW

● Flow : 7~4600m³ / h

● Outlet Diameter : 50-600mm

● Head : 4 . 5~50m

DOMENN APLIKASYON nan ponp fengqiu


● It is mainly used far removing various sewagesludges in municipal and industrial sewage treatment projects, industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, construction and other industries. It is used for transporting urban sewage, wastewater and rainwater containing solid particles and various fibers. It is also used for farmland irrigation.


● Medium temperature not exceed40℃,medium density not exceed1.2kg/dm3,solid contents less than 2%.

● Liquid PH value is between 4 and 10.

● Pump motor can not operate above liquid level.



● Checkwhether the pump was crushed. damaged, or fasteners are loosing or dropped Off due to shipping & handling or in storage.

● Check the oil level inthe oil chamber.

● Check whether the impeller can rotate easily.

● Check whether the power supply is safe.reliable and works normally.The voltage and frequency should meet the requirement(380V+/-5%,Frequency 50 HZ+/-1%).

● Check cable, connector box and cable inlet seal. Make correctionsimmediately when electricity Leakage is found.

● Do not lift pump with cable to avoid accident.

● Check motor insulation to ground with 500 V mega meter. The resistance must bemore than or equalto2 MΩ. If not, tear down the pump and check the pump is securely grounded.

● The pump is not supposed to work in flammable or explosive environment, nor should itbe used to pump erosive or flammable liquids.

● Check pump direction. It should runcounter-clockwiseif viewfrom inlet side.Exchange any two wiresinside the cable if the pump runs in reverse direction.

● After using for one year, it is recommended that pump be examined and repaired, and the oil in oil chamber, mechanical seal, bearing lubricant and other vulnerable parts be replaced so that the pumping system can work properly when needed.It is not necessary to replacegrease in bearing if the beatingis still Within its service life.

● The seal ring between the impeller and casing performs sealing function. To keep the pump's efficiency.,the seal ring should be replaced when the gap betweenthe impeller and the ring is over 2.0 mm because of worn out.

● Lift out he pump from liquid ifthepump won't be used for long time to avoid moisture getting insidethemotor housing and thus extendthepump life.When temperature is toolow, lift pump out of liquid to avoid pump from being frozen.

● Handle pump carefully duringmoving and installation.

● Pump can be worn out quickly if running in liquidwith too much sand slurries.

Read following records far solutions troubleshooting pumps. It will save your time.

Np pumping or low flow.Pump run invert.Adjust rotating direction.
Pipe or impeller may be jammed.Retire debri.
Motor does not run or runs too slowCheck power voltage and current.
Water level is too slow or valve is closed.Adjust water level and check valve
Seal ring may be worn out.Ranplase bag sele.
High density or high viscosity of liquid.Change liquid
Unstable operation.Rotor or impeller not balanced.Return pump to service center for adjustment or replacement.
Bearing worn out.Ranplase kote yo pote.
Low insulation resistanceofpump system overload.Power cable damaged or leaking form the cord connection.Replace and tighten the jam nut.
Power voltage too low or power cord size too small.Adjust power voltage or replace power cord.
Mechanical seal worn outRanplase sele mekanik.
“O”seal ring damaged.Replace“O”seal ring
Pump runs in high flow and low head range.Adjust the pump working point to its rated.

Pwodwi Paramèt


ki gen konpòtman egzanplè

EgzeyatKapasiteTètPouvwaSpeedEfikasiteVòltajKouranSolid manyenpwa
(Mm)(m³ / h)(M)(KW)(R / min)(%)(V)(A)(Mm)(Kg)

Note:1.The above listed are only part of our pump models, the complete model list you can download from the catalogue.

2.Other models can be designed per customer's request.


NoKaliteDNø Bø CHH1H2H3TT1T2PH4MFglg2en2–dn1–kEl X E2
150WQ9-22-2.26514518055125010050026018011012198195401801802604 - ø184 - ø20700 X 600
250WQ15-30-46514518080025010050028018011012198195401801802604 - ø184 - ø20700 X 600
3100WQ100-10-5.5100180229105039520080038026011012305195502402403408 - ø184 - ø20800 X 600
4150WQ145-10-7.5150240280106545010080044026011012385195502403003408 - ø234 - ø27900 X 700
580WQ45-32-11100180229120039510085044026011012305195502402403408 - ø184 - ø20850 X 600
6150WQ200-12-15150240280123045010090044026011012385200502403003408 - ø234 - ø27900 X 700
7200WQ300-12-18.520029533513016151501000532268120145002801525205204808 - ø234 - ø351100 X 800
8150WQ150-22-22150240280132945015095050026011012385200502403003408 - ø234 - ø271000 X 700
9250WQ500-13-3025035039016897203006207024231401454528018570070065012 - ø234 - ø401400 X 900
10150WQ150-40-37150240280153845015010053026011012385200502403003408 - ø234 - ø271200 X 800
11250WQ600-20-55250350390173872030012007024231401454528018570070065012 - ø234 - ø401400 X 1000
12200WQ350-40-752002953352194615200680770268120145002801525205204808 - ø234 - ø351650X1200
13250WQ600-35-9025035039022507203006807424231401454528018570070065012 - ø234 - ø401500X1100
14350WQ1000-28-13235046050022707504007008824311401458528025078078077016 - ø234 - ø401650 X 1350
15500WQ3000-28-315500620670279097040090012306501401477528010578078090020 –ø266 - ø402300 X 1900

sou fengqiu

Fengqiu Group sitou fabrike ponp, li angaje nan rechèch syantifik, pwodiksyon ak komès ki gen ladan enpòte ak ekspòtasyon komès, konpayi an se ki nan lis kòm yon manifakti ponp kle e li te rekonèt kòm yon antrepriz gwo ak gwo teknoloji pa gouvènman Chinwa a. Konpayi an gen yon enstiti rechèch ponp, yon sant tès òdinatè ak yon etablisman CAD, li ka desine ak devlope divès kalite pwodwi ponp ak sipò nan sistèm kalite ISO9001 ak sistèm anviwònman ISO14001. UL, CE ak GS ki nan lis pwodwi yo disponib pou asirans sekirite siplemantè. Bon jan kalite pwodwi yo vann byen nan peyi Lachin domestik ak ekspòte nan Ewòp, Etazini, Ostrali, Azi Sidès, Amerik di Sid, elatriye Fengqiu vle kreye ak pataje yon avni bèl pouvwa avèk ou pa dedye tèt li nan pyonye ak devlope.

Nou pral kontinye eritye ak pote pi devan eritaj FENGQIU pou plis pase 30 ane, osi byen ke eritaj la nan ponp teknik ak sistèm pou plis pase 160 ane. Nou angaje nan rechèch ak devlopman bon jan kalite pwodwi ponp ak ekipman pafè tretman dlo egou pou sèvi kliyan nou yo avèk efikasite.

Zhejiang Fengqiu Pump Co, Ltd se antrepwiz zo rèl do ak vis prezidan antrepriz nan endistri ponp Lachin nan. Konpayi an se kounye a prensipal inite redaksyon nan 4 estanda nasyonal, ak 4 patant envansyon ak 27 patant modèl sèvis piblik, jwi yon gwo repitasyon nan peyi Lachin..

Fengqiu Crane gen yon rezo maketing atravè lemond. Pwodwi li yo te ekspòte nan plis pase 40 peyi ak rejyon yo. Fengqiu Crane toujou bay kliyan yo bon jan kalite ak serye pwodwi yo.

Fengqiu Group sitou pwodwi ponp, angaje nan rechèch syantifik, pwodiksyon ak echanj ki gen ladan enpòte ak ekspòtasyon komès, konpayi an se ki nan lis kòm yon manifakti ponp kle e li te rekonèt kòm yon antrepriz gwo ak gwo teknoloji pa gouvènman Chinwa a..

Koperasyon nan fengqiu

Fengqiu Group gide pa bezwen kliyan yo ak ranfòse echanj ak koperasyon ekstèn nan endistri a. Kòm yon pwodiksyon R & D antrepriz, Fengqiu Group bezwen kontinyèlman inovasyon nan ekipman pwodiksyon ak teknoloji rechèch syantifik. Atravè koperasyon ak echanj ak lòt konpayi yo, nou pral amelyore fòs konpayi an, reyalize yon sitiyasyon genyen-genyen, ak kontinyèlman amelyore pati nan mache ak satisfaksyon kliyan.

Ekselans Faktori nan fengqiu

Kounye a, konpayi an gen plis pase 200 ekipman pwosesis ak tès, 4 atelye pwosesis metal pou fabrikasyon motè, penti ak asanble, ak 4 sant tès presizyon nivo B. Konpayi an te etabli yon sistèm jesyon kalite relativman konplè, efektivman asire ke konpayi an bay itilizatè yo objektif jesyon pwodwi san defo.

Kontwòl Kalite nan fengqiuKonpayi an te prezante talan teknik ak talan jesyon pa mwayen koperasyon ak inivèsite, rekritman sosyal, konpetisyon entèn, elatriye, e li te etabli yon sant teknoloji antrepriz nan nivo pwovens ak yon sant tès tip ponp premye nivo. Nan 2003 ak 2016, 32 nouvo pwodwi yo te sètifye pa pwovens reyalizasyon syantifik ak teknolojik. Antrepriz gen kapasite pou endistriyalize.

onè nan fengqiu

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