Txhua pawg

Grinder Twj ASC-100QG / ASC-QG

Daim ntaub ntawv:

Drainage of waste water from the attenuation tank , purifying tank and sewage tank in water treat plant . Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factory , dyeing factory and food processing factory. Sewage management , accumulated water , septic tank , stock farm . Pumping sewage from single and multifamily dwellings Pumping sewage from hotels , restaurants , schools and public buildings.Surface water irrigation.



1.Standard cables : 10 m H07RN-F cable type

2. Liquid temperature range : From 0to + 40

3. Max medium density : 1100 kg / m

4.pH of the pumped medium : 5-8

5. Motor: B insulation class , IP68 protection

6.Built-in thermal and current overload protection and a
capacitor permanently on in the single phase version

7. Accessories : Single-phase versions can be equipped with
or without float switches for automatic operation

Tshooj tshwj xeeb

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Lub Tsev Lub Cev Muaj Zog: AISI 304

3. Shaft: AISI 420 welding shaft

4. Muab ob npaug rau ob tog khoom foob: Buna-N elastomers
Lub cev muaj zog sab: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
Twj tso tawm sab: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide


6.Pump Casing:GG20

7.Qhov nplhaib: AISI 440

8.Qhov ntiv nplhaib: AISI 440

Yam khoom khoom noj

qauvVoltage, ZausTso zis fais fabCapacitorKuv / min010020040060080010001200
m³ / h06122436486072
ASC-100QG220V , 50Hz0.75kW25μfH (m)149.53

ASC-200QG380V , 50Hz1.5kW/
H (m)1411.596.54

ASC-300QG380V , 50Hz2.2kW/H (m)18.51613.510.585

ASC-500QG380V , 50Hz3.7kW/H (m)25.523211814.511.57.54

Qhov ntev

qauvA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
D (mm)


Kev tshem tawm

Qhov Coob (mm)NW
ASC-100QG280230470-G 2 "F510 × 240 × 27032kg
ASC-200QG300250540118G 3 "F590 × 320 × 26044kg
ASC-300QG300250570118G 3 "F590 × 320 × 26048kg
ASC-500QG300250610118G 4 "F630 × 320 × 26063kg