Dukkan Bayanai

Filastik mai kariya PB


PB series Magnetic Drive pumps are the most exciting of the new technologies available for waterfall pumps. All electrical components in this unit are completely sealed in a nontoxic plastic resin. The impeller is mounted on a magnet that is chased around in circles by the electrical charge from the sealed motor. They are durable,reliable and energy efficient. Their power and simplicity of operation make them the perfect choice for many water gardening applications,especially waterfalls. They are mainly designed for the following applications: 1.To help circulate water in ponds, water gardens and streams. 2.High volume waterfalls and large bio filters. 3.Biofilters and UV filters. 4.Koi Ponds

bayani dalla-dalla

1. Na'urar Wuta: Matsakaicin igiya ita ce 10m

2. Liquid Zazzabi: 104 ° F (40 ℃) mai ci gaba

3. Motoci: B rufin aji, kariya ta IP68

4. Lokaci Na Farko: Gina garkuwar mai zafi

5. Na'urorin haɗi: Akwai wadatar kan ruwa

Sassan Bayani

1. O-ringi: Buna-N

2. Motor Housing: ABS

3. Shaft: Ceramic

4. Impeller: PPO+20% Fibre Glass

5. Pump Casing: PA66+30% Fibre Glass

Matakan Samfur

modelVoltage, Frequencyfitarwa PowerAbokiNi / min020406080100120140160180200
m³ / h01.
PB10000115V , 60Hz0.10kW8μfH (m)43.63.332.72.21.8

PB15000115V , 60Hz0.18kW12.5μfH (m)

PB20000115V , 60Hz0.25kW18μfH (m)76.76.365.


modelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)



Girman shiryawa (mm)NW
PB1000014617226250G 1.5"NPT180 × 1802904kg
PB1500014617226250G 1.5"NPT180 × 1802904kg
PB2000014617229550G 1.5"NPT1801803105kg