Dukkan Bayanai

Mai niƙa FG/FC


WQQ / WQd / USC series submersible grinder pumps are built with single vane impeller with shredder plate and thus allow high flow rate and high pass-through capability without clogging .Above products are mainly used for primary residential sewage water removal . They are also the de-watering equipment for residential houses , hotels , hospitals and industrial companies.

bayani dalla-dalla

1. Hanya guda ɗaya: 115V, 60HZ: 1 . 5HP-2HP

2. Mataki na uku: 230V, 60HZ: 1 . 5HP-7.5HP

3. Matsayi guda ɗaya: 220V, 50Hz: 1 . 1HP-7HP

4.Kashi uku: 380V, 50HZ: 1 . 1 HP-7.5

samfurin fasali

The cutters are made of high chromium stainless steel with hardness of HRc        56-60 which can crush all debris in sewage water .

Motor insulation class F ; casting iron motor housing ; high strength stainlesssteel shaft

Motar da aka nutsar da mai tare da iya yin kiba mai yawa da maƙarƙashiyar farawa

Marasa toshe impellers tare da shredder farantin ba da damar high kwarara kudi.

Matakan Samfur

Nau'in famfoYawan guduHeadkarfin wutaCurrentPowerSpeedWeight
m³ / hmVAKWr / minkg
Saukewa: FG2-2310.531230V1.5345032
Saukewa: FG2-21C 10.531230V1.5345032
FHG2-21C 5.539.6230V1.5345032
Saukewa: FC2-21C 10.531230V1.5345032
Saukewa: FHC2-21C 5.539.6230V1.5345032



Saukewa: FG2-21C 603135252195Farashin 1.25NPT
FHG2-21C 603135252195Farashin 1.25NPT
Saukewa: FC2-21C 580135252195Farashin 1.25NPT
Saukewa: FHC2-21C 580135252195Farashin 1.25NPT
FC1-115531135248195Farashin 1.5NPT