Dukkan Bayanai

Marasa toshe famfo na Najasa WQ


Mainly used for sewage sludge discharge of industrieslike municipal sewage treatment projects , industrialmining enterprises , hospitals , hotels , restaurants , andbuilding industry , also applicable to farm irrigation.

samfurin fasali

The flow passage component adopts the unique design method , with wide high-efficiency area , and full-lift ( no overload ) performance .The pump is able to be effectively and safely operated in a larger flow range.

Strong carrying capacity and large-channel clog-proof design of impellers can make the pump effectively deliver the liquid containing solid particles , impurities and microfiber with the diameter of 6-125 mm.

The motor uses the sleeve-type external circulation cooling system , which means that the product may be reliably operated when it is above the liquid level or the dry-type installation is adopted

The product is equipped with alarm protection systems for water leakage , electric leakage , oil leakage , overload , voltage shortage and phase loss , as well as liquid level control systems , able to carry out the centralized control and effective protection for various operating states.

The automatic installation system is reasonable in design , with high intensity flexible and convenient installation , and no need of states constructing pump rooms so as to save the project cost.

Adopt the imported high-quality bearing and grease with high temperature resistance , so that the quick-wear parts service life is more than 10,000 hours.

 bayani dalla-dalla

1 . Iko: 0 . 55~315KW

2 . Flow : 7~4600m³ / h

3 . Outlet Diameter : 50-600mm

4 . Shugaban: 4. 5~50m

Matakan Samfur



SakiCapacityHeadPowerSpeeddaceirin ƙarfin lantarkiCurrentSarrafa mWeight
(Mm)(m³ / h)(M)(KW)(R / min)(%)(V)(A)(Mm)(Kg)

Note: 1.The sama da aka jera su ne kawai wani ɓangare na mu famfo model, cikakken model jerin za ka iya sauke daga kasida.

         2.Other model za a iya tsara ta abokin ciniki ta request.


No.      typeDNku Bku CHH1H2H3TT1T2PH4MFglg2en2-dn1-kFarashin E2X
150WQ9-22-2.26514518055125010050026018011012198195401801802604- da 184- da 20700 X 600
250WQ15-30-46514518080025010050028018011012198195401801802604- da 184- da 20700 X 600
3100WQ100-10-5.5100180229105039520080038026011012305195502402403408- da 184- da 20800 X 600
4150WQ145-10-7.5150240280106545010080044026011012385195502403003408- da 234- da 27900 X 700
580WQ45-32-11100180229120039510085044026011012305195502402403408- da 184- da 20850 X 600
6150WQ200-12-15150240280123045010090044026011012385200502403003408- da 234- da 27900 X 700
7200WQ300-12-18.520029533513016151501000532268120145002801525205204808- da 234- da 351100 X 800
8150WQ150-22-22150240280132945015095050026011012385200502403003408- da 234- da 271000 X 700
9250WQ500-13-3025035039016897203006207024231401454528018570070065012- da 234- da 401400 X 900
10150WQ150-40-37150240280153845015010053026011012385200502403003408- da 234- da 271200 X 800
11250WQ600-20-55250350390173872030012007024231401454528018570070065012- da 234- da 401400 X 1000
12200WQ350-40-752002953352194615200680770268120145002801525205204808- da 234- da 351650X1200
13250WQ600-35-9025035039022507203006807424231401454528018570070065012- da 234- da 401500X1100
14350WQ1000-28-13235046050022707504007008824311401458528025078078077016- da 234- da 401650 X 1350
15500WQ3000-28-315500620670279097040090012306501401477528010578078090020 – da 266- da 402300 X 1900