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Grinder Pumps WQ10-7-0.75QG / WQ15-7-1.1QG


Cast iron casing submersible pumps with impeller provided with grinding device. Designed for waste water with solid organic materials . The particular hydraulic shape , allowing the grinding of destroyable solid corps into very small parts ,enables to pump waste waters even in those places where a sewer system is not available . Suitable to lift dirty water and empty cesspits.


1. Stromkabel: Standert kabel is 10m

2. Flüchtige temperatuer: 104 ° F (40 ℃) kontinu

3. Motor: B-isolaasjeklasse, IP68-beskerming

4. Ienfase: Ynboude yn thermyske protector

5. Accessoires: Float switch is beskikber

Diel Spesifikaasjes

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Motor Housing: GG20

3. Shaft: AISI 420

4. Dûbelsidich meganyske segel: Buna-N elastomeren
Motorkant: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
Pump side: Silisiumkarbide VS Silisiumkarbide

5. Impeller: ZG35

6. Pump Casing: GG20

7.Shredding ring:AISI 440

8.Gringing ring:AISI 440


modelSpanning, Frekwinsjeoutput PowerKondensatorIk / min050100150200250300
m³ / h0369121518
WQ10-7-0.75QG220V , 50Hz0.75kW25μfH (m)98.57.564.8

WQ15-7-1.1QG220V , 50Hz1.1kW30μfH (m)12.511.810.59752.5


modelA (mm)B(mm )C(mm )



Grutte ferpakking (mm)NW
WQ10-7-0.75QG230270450G 2 "F250 × 290 × 47026kg
WQ15-7-1.1QG190255470G 2 "F230 × 300 × 50027kg