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Water is the source of life, the key to production, and the foundation of ecology. It is the basis for the survival and development of human society. Saving the use of water resources and protecting water resources is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Only by strengthening the construction of a water-saving society and truly forming a scientific and water-saving civilized production and lifestyle in the whole society can we ensure the sustainable use of water resources. In combination with the actual situation of our company, the following water saving initiatives are proposed:

1. Strengthen the promotion of water conservation, so that the awareness of water conservation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone establishes the concept of “saving glory, shame and shame”, starting from one by one, starting from me, starting from small things, growing up Good water-saving habits form a good social atmosphere of loving water, water, and water, and supervising each other to jointly protect and utilize water resources.

2. All employees should enhance their awareness of water conservation, earnestly study water-saving knowledge, promote water-saving methods, use water-saving appliances, adhere to water use, cherish every drop of water, and strive to be a model and promoter of scientific water conservation.

3. Strengthen the daily maintenance and management of water facilities and equipment, put an end to “running and dripping”, actively carry out water-saving renovation, and use water-saving appliances to improve water-saving efficiency. The green area of the unit adopts water-saving irrigation methods such as sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation and drip irrigation.

4. Vigorously promote and use new water-saving technologies, new technologies, and new equipment, transform traditional water-consuming technologies, improve water reuse, and save water and reduce emissions.

Saving is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and water conservation requires the joint efforts of the whole society. Saving and protecting water resources, starting from me, starting from now, everyone is doing the practice of saving water, everyone volunteers to promote water conservation, let the water of life flow.

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