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monivaiheiset pumput QDX-C


Water supply from primary water supply tanks or reservoirs. 5" wells or Roman wells, basins and watercourses. Sprinkler irrigation systems. Pressure boosting with pumps inserted directly inside tank or well, to avoid suction problems and noise. Fountains. Close-coupled multi-stage submersible pump with electric motor cooled by pumped liquid. The technopolymer impellers and diffusers ensure superior performances and maximum operational efficiency. The single phase version has an internal capacitor and built-in thermal protection. For this reason, the pump does not require connection to a control panel for starting.

tekniset tiedot

1.Power Cable: Standard is 15m

2. Nesteen lämpötila: 104°F (40°C) jatkuva

3. Moottori: B eristysluokka, ilmatäytteinen, oravahäkki induktio, 

   IP 68 -suojaus

4.Single phase:Built in an internal capacitor and thermal Overload Protector

5.Optional Equipment: Cord Length, Versions with or without float switch

Osan tekniset tiedot

1.O-rengas: Buna-N

2. Moottorin kotelo: AISI 304

3. Akseli: AISI 304

4.Double Mechanical Seal System, Buna-N Elastomer, 

   300-sarjan ruostumaton laitteisto

   Moottoripuoli: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide

   Pumpun puoli: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide

5.Impeller: PPO+30% Fibre Glass

6.Diffuser: PPO+30% Fibre Glass

7.Pump Casing: AISI 304

8.Inlet Strainer: AISI 304


MalliJännite, taajuusLähtötehoKondensaattoriinVaiheiden lukumääräOlen mukana020406080100
m³ / h01.
QDX205C220V, 50Hz0.55 kW16 μf4H(m)44423628188
QDX207C220V, 50Hz0.75 kW25 μf5H(m)575345362511
QDX209C220V, 50Hz0.9 kW25 μf6H(m)646153412812
QDX211C220V, 50Hz1.1 kW30 μf7H(m)777262493316


MalliA (mm)B (mm)



Pakkauskoko (mm)NW
QDX205C130510G 1.25"F650 × 160 × 22014kg
QDX207C130570G 1.25"F650 × 160 × 22017kg
QDX209C130600G 1.25"F650 × 160 × 22017kg
QDX211C130630G 1.25"F650 × 160 × 22018kg