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Bombas trituradoras FG / FC


WQQ / WQd / USC series submersible grinder pumps are built with single vane impeller with shredder plate and thus allow high flow rate and high pass-through capability without clogging .Above products are mainly used for primary residential sewage water removal . They are also the de-watering equipment for residential houses , hotels , hospitals and industrial companies.


1. Monofásico: 115 V, 60 HZ: 1. 5HP-2HP

2. Trifásico: 230 V, 60 HZ: 1. 5HP-7.5HP

3. Monofásico: 220 V, 50 Hz: 1. 1HP-7 .5HP

4.Trifásico: 380V, 50HZ: 1. 1HP-7.5HP

Características del producto

The cutters are made of high chromium stainless steel with hardness of HRc        56-60 which can crush all debris in sewage water .

Motor insulation class F ; casting iron motor housing ; high strength stainlesssteel shaft

Motor sumergido en aceite con alta capacidad de sobrecarga y alto par de arranque

Los impulsores que no se obstruyen con placa trituradora permiten un alto caudal.

Parámetros del producto

Tipo de bombaTasa de flujoCabezaVoltDisponibleEléctricaVelocidadPeso
m³ / hmVAKWr / minkg
FG2-21C 10.531230V<14.51.5345032
FHG2-21C 5.539.6230V<14.51.5345032
FC2-21C 10.531230V<14.51.5345032
FHC2-21C 5.539.6230V<14.51.5345032



FG2-21C 6031352521951.25NPT
FHG2-21C 6031352521951.25NPT
FC2-21C 5801352521951.25NPT
FHC2-21C 5801352521951.25NPT