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1970 - 1998

Desde la fábrica de maquinaria agrícola de Bihu hasta la fábrica de bombas de agua Zhuji, y luego hasta Zhejiang Fengqiu Pump Co., Ltd., que investiga de forma independiente las bombas de ingeniería industrial y municipal, Fengqiu se fue gradualmente al extranjero.

1970 - 1998
  • La fábrica de bombas de agua Zhuji, anteriormente conocida como Fábrica de Maquinaria Agrícola Bihu, fue fundada en los 1970. En ese momento, solo había empleados de 9 y los activos eran inferiores a 3,000 yuan, principalmente basados ​​en la reparación de maquinaria agrícola.
  • En 1980, se estableció Zhuji Pump Parts Factory, que produce principalmente productos de apoyo en la industria de bombas de agua.
  • En 1986, Zhuji Water Pump Factory se estableció y fabricó la primera bomba de agua agrícola.
  • En 1991, Zhuji Water Pump Factory y Hong Kong Huagang Textile Co., Ltd. establecieron conjuntamente "Zhejiang Fengqiu Pump Co., Ltd." y lanzaron oficialmente la marca "Fengqiu".
  • In 1992, the factory moved from Zhuji Bihu Township to Huansha South Road, Zhuji City, and the products were mainly small agricultural submersible pumps.
  • In 1994, the factory began to develop industrial and municipal engineering pumps
  • In 1995, the first batch of 90kW pumps was manufactured.
  • In 1998, the company set up a branch office in Los Angeles to expand into overseas markets. The US Crane Pumps & Systems Company became our largest single customer overseas.

1999 - 2017

Standardized shareholding system transformation, Sino-US joint venture company established, new factory building, opening a new course

1999 - 2017
  • In 2000, the company reformed into a standardized joint-stock system and established “Zhejiang Fengqiu Pump Co., Ltd.”
  • In 2001, we began joint venture negotiations with Crane Pumps and Systems,Inc.
  • In November 2002, Sino-US joint venture “Zhejiang Crane Fengqiu Pump Co., Ltd.” was formally established.
  • The joint venture company began operations in January 2003
  • In August 2003, the new factory building of the joint venture company was completed. The company moved from Huansha South Road to No. 188 Huancheng West Road, Zhuji City. The products cover various fields such as industry, water conservancy project, sewage treatment project and municipal engineering. The production capacity is expanded to the annual output. 200,000 sets of various types of pumps, maximum power 315kW.

Vuela desde el 2018

Fengqiu acquired part of the equity of Crane Pump & System and changed the company name to “Zhejiang Fengqiu Crane Pump Co., Ltd.”, expanding the scale of business.

Vuela desde el 2018
  • In 2018, after the joint venture company transferred the shares and Fengqiu acquired part of the equity of Crane Pumps & Systems, the company name was changed to “Zhejiang Fengqiu Crane Pump Industry Co., Ltd.”, the main business remained unchanged, focusing on pumps, motors and water treatment. Development, production and sales of complete sets of equipment, water environment automatic control equipment, integrated pumping stations, intelligent remote monitoring systems; design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance of water supply and drainage equipment, environmental protection equipment, electromechanical equipment, electrical equipment and electrical equipment; Technical consultation, technical service, transfer of technical achievements of sewage treatment technology; municipal public works, environmental engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, construction contracting of water conservancy and hydropower projects.