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Mueliloj Pumpiloj WQ-B-QG A / WQ-B-QG B


Stainless steel submersible pumps with multi-channel open impeller with grinding device on suction . The grinder system , consisting of a disk bearing concentric holes with a sharp edge and a triangular cutter of high Chrome steel . This series of submersible pumps,particularly suitable to liquids containing long fibres or filaments or solid destroyable bodied even of big sizes , is mostly used for the treatment of biological liquids and waters of civil origin.


1. Power Cable: Standard cord is 10m

2. Liquid Temperature: 104°F(40℃) continuous

3. Motor: B insulation class, IP68 protection

4. Single Phase: Built in thermal protector

5. Accessories: Float switch is available

Part Specifications

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Motor Housing: AISI 304

3. Shaft: AISI 304  welding shaft

4. Double-sided Mechanical Seal: Buna-N elastomers
    Motor side: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
    Pump side: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide

5. Impeller: AISI 304  welding

6. Pump Casing: AISI 304

7. Shredding ring:AISI 440

8.Grinding ring:AISI 440

Produktaj parametroj

modeloVoltage, Frequencyeligo PotencoCapacitorMi estas ene050100150200250300350
m³ / h03691215182124
WQ-0.75 B-QG220V, 50HZ0.75kW25μfH(m)
WQ-1.1B-QG220V, 50HZ1.1kW30μfH(m)119.5863.5
WQ-1.5B-QG220V, 50HZ1.5kW30μfH(m)1312108.56.542
WQ-2.2B-QG380V, 50HZ2.2kW/H(m)1412.511.5108.57642


modeloA (mm)B (mm)C(mm)
D (mm)E DischargePacking Size (mm)NW
WQ-0.75B-QG17019539576G 1.5"F180 × 250 × 43016kg
WQ-1.1B-QG17019539576G 1.5"F180 × 250 × 43017kg
WQ-1.5B-QG190201465100G 2"F210 × 250 × 50020kg
WQ-2.2B-QG190225470110G 3"F210 × 250 × 50023kg