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Grinder Pumps ASC-100QG / ASC-QG


Drainage of waste water from the attenuation tank , purifying tank and sewage tank in water treat plant .Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factory , dyeing factory and food processing factory.Sewage management , accumulated water , septic tank , stock farm .Pumping sewage from single and multifamily dwellingsPumping sewage from hotels , restaurants , schools and publicbuildings.Surface water irrigation.


1.Standard cables : 10 m H07RN-F cable type

2. Liquid temperature range : From 0℃ to + 40

3. Max medium density : 1100 kg / m

4.pH of the pumped medium : 5-8

5. Motor: B insulation class , IP68 protection

6.Built-in thermal and current overload protection and a
   capacitor permanently on in the single phase version

7. Accessories : Single-phase versions can be equipped with
   or without float switches for automatic operation

Part Specifications

1. O-ring: Buna-N

2. Motor Housing: AISI 304

3. Shaft: AISI 420 welding shaft

4. Double-sided Mechanical Seal: Buna-N elastomers
    Motor side: Carbon VS Silicon Carbide
    Pump side:Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide


6.Pump Casing:GG20

7.Shredding ring:AISI 440

8.Grinding ring:AISI 440

5 core technologies of fengqiu

APPLICATION FIELDS of fengqiu pumps

Product Parameters

ModelVoltage,FrequencyOutput PowerCapacitorI/min010020040060080010001200








Packing Size (mm)N.W.
ASC-100QG280230470-G 2"F510×240×27032kg
ASC-200QG300250540118G 3"F590×320×26044kg
ASC-300QG300250570118G 3"F590×320×26048kg
ASC-500QG300250610118G 4"F630×320×26063kg

about fengqiuFengqiu Group mainly manufacture pumps, it is engaged in scientific research, production and trades including import and export trade, the company is listed as a key pump manufacturer and has been recognized as a major and high-tech enterprise by the Chinese government. The company has a pump research institute, a computer testing center and a CAD facility, it can design and develop various pump products with the support of ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system. UL, CE and GS listed products are available for extra safety assurance. The quality products are sold well in domestic China and exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, South-east Asia, South America, etc. Fengqiu wishes to create and share a glorious future with you by dedicating itself to pioneer and developing.

We will continue to inherit and carry forward the inheritance of FENGQIU for more than 30 years, as well as the inheritance of CRANE PUMPS AND SYSTEMS for more than 160 years. We are committed to the research and development of high-quality pump products and perfect sewage treatment equipment to serve our customers efficiently.

Zhejiang Fengqiu Pump Co., Ltd. is the backbone enterprise and vice president enterprise of China's pump industry. The company is currently the main drafting unit of 4 national standards, with 4 invention patents and 27 utility model patents, enjoying a high reputation in China.

Fengqiu Crane has a worldwide marketing network. Its products have been exported to over 40 countries and regions. Fengqiu Crane always supply high-quality and reliable products to their customers.

Fengqiu Group mainly producing pumps, engages in scientific research, production and trades including import and export trade, the company is listed as a key pump manufacturer and has been recognized as a major and high-tech enterprise by the Chinese government.

Cooperation of fengqiu

Fengqiu Group is guided by customer needs and strengthens exchanges and external cooperation within the industry. As a production R&D enterprise, Fengqiu Group needs to continuously innovate in production equipment and scientific research technology. Through cooperation and exchanges with other companies, we will enhance the strength of the company, achieve a win-win situation, and continuously improve market share and customer satisfaction.

Excellence Manufacturing of fengqiuAt present, the company has more than 200 processing and testing equipment, 4 metal processing workshops for motor manufacturing, painting and assembly, and 4 B-level precision testing centers. The company has established a relatively complete quality management system, effectively ensuring that the company provides users with the management objectives of defect-free products.

Quality Control of fengqiuThe company introduced technical talents and management talents by means of cooperation with universities, social recruitment, internal competition, etc., and established a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a first-level pump type test center. In 2003 and 2016, 32 new products were certified by provincial scientific and technological achievements. Enterprises have the ability to industrialize.

honor of fengqiu

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